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The Plan

mother and child

Our overarching aim is to end the injustices created by The Hague Convention, specifically for mothers and children who are fleeing abusive relationships.

We intend to ensure that:

– the significance of domestic abuse (including coercive control) – for mothers and their children – is fully addressed in the implementation of the Convention;

– the rights of the child and their genuine best interests are central to Hague Court judgments;

– there is equity before the law for mothers facing Hague petitions.

How will we do it?

In a nutshell, through mobilizing the international feminist network. Solidarity and sisterhood in action! We intend to draw on our collective expertise, creativity, and passion, to co-create the five-year project, agree key actions, and build an international movement for justice. 

Phase 1 (2022)

Our focus was on building the team, raising awareness, and both creating and collating resources.

Phase 2 (2023)

We began to strengthen and expand our wider network, and raise our profile. We published a series of position papers, held an international webinar, published a booklet of extracts from mothers’ stories, and hosted a series of podcasts. Significantly, we began to lobby governments, and to advocate directly with the Hague Special Commission. That activity helped to create a momentum for change resulting in a proposed forum on Domestic Abuse and The Hague Convention which is due to take place in Pretoria in June 2024. We have been invited to join the Steering Group by Secretary-General Bernasconi who is leading the initiative.

Phase 3 (2024)

Our main focus will be on the Pretoria forum, and on doing everything we can to ensure that it leads to real change for protective mothers and their children. We hope to get funding for much-needed research in this field, and to raise awareness of the impact of domestic abuse on children, and the reality of the legal abuse enabled by the courts. We will also be supporting our three project groups to undertake whatever actions they feel are necessary to safeguard and support mothers in their part of the world. And we’ll continue to expand our team, strengthen our partnerships, and build a powerful, reciprocal network of change-makers.