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The Plan

Our overarching aim is to end the injustices created by The Hague Convention, specifically for mothers and children who are fleeing abusive relationships.

The Plan

We intend to ensure that: the significance of domestic violence and coercive control – for mothers and their children – is fully addressed in the implementation of the Convention; that the rights of the child and their genuine best interests are central to Hague Court judgments; and that there is equity before the law for mothers facing Hague petitions.

Phase 1. Build the network. Raise awareness. Collate resources.

Phase 2. Share good practice. Undertake research. Make the case. Find the funding.

Phase 3. Create good practice: training, guidance, advocacy. Measure impact.

Phase 4. Advocate. Lobby. Persuade. Amend the Convention and/or the regulations to protect mothers and children who have fled violence or abuse.

How will we do it?

In a nutshell, through mobilizing the international feminist network. Solidarity and sisterhood in action! We intend to draw on our collective expertise, creativity, and passion, to co-design the five-year project, agree key actions, and build an international movement for justice. 

Starting in the UK, USA, and Australia, we’ll create semi-autonomous Project Groups in each jurisdiction – lawyers, academics, DV professionals, child psychologists, feminist activists, politicians, Hague Mothers.

Collectively we will:

  • Particularly among mothers who may become, or who are, victims of abuse as a result of orders to return with their children in Hague cases, and among the organisations and professionals who support them. We’ll bring together Hague experts and Hague mothers at the FiLiA Conference in Cardiff in October, with a combination of powerful stories from the mothers themselves, and presentations from international Hague experts.